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[/b]e pile of cash from Giuliani's disbanded Senate campaign that Lazio would like to be able to spend. He spoke gingerly about the issue yesterday, but beyond the diplomatic language his message was clear: Show me the money. "I trust Mayor Giuliani will make a fair and just decision," Lazio said at a campaign appearance in Albany with Gov. Pataki. Added the governor: "The mayor has said he would do the right thing." Giuliani said, "There's no question . . . that I want to help both politically and financially." Lazio and Giuliani aides reportedly met later in the day but did not discuss money. The mayor cannot funnel the money directly to Lazio, but he can give it to a Republican Party committee. The panel could use it for issue advertisements, which could be virtually indistinguishable from Lazio's own ads. Just how much is available is unclear. Giuliani raised more than $20 million for his Senate bid and had $9 million left as of March 31. Spending since then has left "substantially less," said campaign treasurer John Gross, and the campaign still faces outstanding bills and shutdown costs. Only $1,000 from each donor could be kept. The rest - each
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[/b]ll numbers in the city before he dropped out of the race. "Polls are going to come, polls are going to go, but this is certainly encouraging news," said Lazio spokesman Dan McLagan of the congressman's equal footing with Giuliani. "It's encouraging in a week to have come so far." The survey questioned 505 New Yorkers, including 393 registered voters. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.Graphic: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THEM NOWHave the mayor's prostate cancer and his marital problems made him a more sensitive person Yes37% No 47% No opinion16% Do you think the mayor's admission that he mishandled the Patrick Dorismond case will help repair his relations with minorities A great deal 6% Just a little38% Not at all 46% No opinion 10% Do you believe that Mayor Giuliani will seek higher office when he leaves his present job and completes his cancer treatment Yes51% No 35% No opinion 14% If the general election were held today, would you vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democrat, or Rick Lazio, the Republican Lazio23% Clinton67% Other1% Not sure 9% Now that Mayor Giuliani has dropped out of the Senate race, do you th
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[/b]ro, there came such a wind as to lift the dust of desolation from the earth and swirl it into the sky. This wind whipped the flags and buffeted the fragile flowers and stung the eyes that were already brimming over. And yet, it was not cruel. It had warmth. It was, in a strange way, comforting. And it seemed to carry upon it a benediction. Perhaps, someone said, it is the dead speaking to us: "We are gone, and yet we are still here." In this place. In your hearts. In your yesterdays, but also your tomorrows. All day long, that benediction swept across Manhattan as if heaven or the forces of nature or whatever you might believe in was making a silent declaration: This is a day unlike any other. Turn your face into the wind and remember. And be blessed for that remembering. New York being a city of strength and resilience, life went on as usual. Or almost as usual. A hush fell over everything at 8:46 a.m., the moment when the first plane hit. And at 9:03, when the second plane hit. And at 9:59, when the south tower fell. And at 10:29, when the north tower fell. If you ventured out, you could not miss seeing the simple reminders of our devastation. S


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[/b]well as discount outlets to open their wallets and build stacks of gift-wrapped goodies beneath their Christmas trees. "We've been going to Conway and Kmart, stores we never touched in the past," said Lucha Melgarejo of Manhattan. "It's a different economy this year." Melgarejo and her recently laid-off husband didn't let their misfortune keep them froming to brighten the holidays for their two children. They hauled several bags and a luggage cart filled with toys down Sixth Ave. on the way home. "My husband said we have to pay the rent," she said. "And I told him, 'No, the kids must get gifts.' " Layoff watch Several shoppers said they purposely held off on gift-buying for fear of losing their jobs during the holidays. "Like a lot of my friends, I decided to wait to see about layoffs," said Louis Tirado of the Bronx, who works for an executive search firm. "Two weeks ago, I just went window shopping; but today, I went to Pottery Barn, the Gap, CompUSA and FAO Schwarz." "Money's tight, so I waited until the last minute," said Santiago Cruz, 39, of the Bronx. But retailing analyst Kurt Barnard told Bloomberg News the onslaught of customers is too l
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[/b]" it's a piece of near-history documenting one girl's life back when. E-mail: sconnellyIn what's normally one of the coldest times of the year, Starbucks got burned. The nation's leading coffee chain said it suffered stunted growth during December because sales of Starbucks' holiday merchandisesuch as CDs, calendars and toy penguinswere weak. Starbucks said sales at stores open more than a year, a key measure of a retailer's strength, increased just 1% from a year ago. Wall Street had expected gains of about 5%. Customers at one midtown Starbucks said yesterday they weren't hot on purchasing such pricey items with their already expensive espressos. Although holiday leftovers were marked down as much as 50%, few java drinkers were mulling the merchandise. Thirty-year-old customer Marisa Ferrente said she buys coffee at Starbucks at least three times a week to take a break from her job at a children's clothing company,but rarely purchases a specialty item. Yesterday, Ferrente eyed a mug reduced to $7.99 from $12. "Even that's too expensive for a mug," she said. News of the tepid late-year sales sent Starbucks stock sliding 17/8 yesterday to $52. T
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[/b]ordon cited forensicpsychologist Dr. Helen Brantley,” according to Good Morning America: “The more contact [the children] have with the non-ill parent, the better they do. They divide their world into the cancer world and a free of cancer world. Children want a normal childhood, and it is not normal with an ill parent.”Giordano was diagnosed in Dec. 2007. On her blog, she said she has spent the past 16 months “defending myself from the attacks of my abusive husband who filed a lawsuit against me in Durham County, N.C., asking for full, permanent custody of our two children using the argument that I have a cancer diagnosis.” In August, Giordano says her husband, Kane Snyder, moved to the Chicago area for work, leaving the kids with her.(More on Time.com: Should a Disabled Mom Be Banned from Seeing Her Kids)For sure, Giordano’s breast cancer is but one aspect of what has proved to be a textbook messy divorce, replete with charges of abuse, cheating and mental illness. But it’s the role that terminal illness has played that has rallied irate mothers and more than a few experts to Giordano’s side, whil


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[/b]ttracted $18 million worth of business. It also won Dusty his first Oscar.1983"Sudden Impact." Clint Eastwood made $6 million doing his Dirty Harry act for the fourth time, here helping a womanplayed by Eastwood's then-squeeze Sondra Lockenail the psychos who raped her and her sister years earlier. These days, with films like "The Bridges of Madison County," Eastwood seems to be interested in more serious subjects and characters closer to his agehe's 65. But don't expect a Clint Eastwood "King Lear." 1984"Beverly Hills Cop" confirmed former "Saturday Night Live" comic Eddie Murphy as a majorperhaps the majormovie star of the 1980s. The picture, about a street-smart Detroit detective dropped into the chichi realms of L.A., made $16 million over Christmas 1984. In the 1990s, though, Murphy's career has foundered. His latest comedy, "Vampire in Brooklyn," arrived at the box office with a stake through its heart. 1985"Rocky IV" had Rocky Balboa bravely stepping into the ring with a steroid-sculpted Soviet killing machine (Dolph Lundgren) to avenge the death of Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) and strike a blow against Communism. The sequel made $10. 1
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[/b]gue when he passes through Washington Heights tomorrow to celebrate the gold medal he won for the Dominican Republic. More than 50,000 paradegoers are expected at the noon procession for Sanchez, 27, who was born in Manhattan, but chose to compete for the country of his parents' origin. The hurdler will ride on a float provided by the Daily News and Hora Hispana, The News' sister Spanish publication, dancing to the beat of Oro Solido, a 20-piece merengue band. "He's coming home and he's going to get a hero's welcome!" exclaimed Ramon Tallaj, chairman of the Hispanic Development Foundation. The nonprofit, community organization invited Sanchez to the New York celebration after he was similarly feted in the Dominican Republic this week. His gold-medal win in the 400 hurdles on Aug. 26 at the Athens games was the first ever for the Caribbean nation. Sanchez will fly into New York today and will be the guest of honor during a reception at the Copacabana. Then he'll hit the streets tomorrow. The parade starts at 207th St. and Sherman Ave., goes south on Sherman to Dyckman St., east to Fort George Hill, continues south on St. Nicholas Ave. to 174th St.,
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[/b]uption charges. hsonStar UCLA quarterback Cade McNown, a potential first-round pick in next month's NFL draft, has been questioned by the FBI about his alleged association with a New York gangster. UCLA confirmed that McNown is one of several Bruin players interviewed about their relationship with Dominick (Donny Shacks) Montemarano, a reputed captain in New York's Colombo crime family. But the school and a McNown spokeswoman said they had been told by the FBI that the players were not part of any continuing investigation. McNown "voluntarily took a polygraph test, and he was advised that he passed the test, and that there would be no further inquiry necessary," said a statement released by Linda Dozoretz of the International Management Group, McNown's spokeswoman. UCLA athletic director Peter Dalis said in a statement that the school was made aware of the investigation three weeks ago. A source told The News at least three other offensive players were interviewed. "UCLA and members of the football team have cooperated fully with the FBI in its investigation," Dalis' statement said. "The FBI has assured us it has no concerns regarding the conduct

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[/b]ligent, but it’s not corrupt.”Charge 2: That he used a rent-controlled apartment intended for residential use as his offices.Rangel: “The benefit was that your colleague and friend was not sensitive to the fact that there was appearances, though, that I was being treated differently than anyone else. But the landlord said he didn’t treat me any differently. No one said that they did treat me differently. But I have to admit that I wasn’t sensitive to anything because I never felt that I was treated any differently than anybody else. And so that ends the apartment thing, but I plead guilty for not being sensitive.”Charge 3: That he didn’t declare the purchase of a vacation rental home in the Dominican Republican and rental income from it.“The fact that there was negligence on the part of the person [his accountant] who for 20 years did it and the fact that I signed it, that’s not really giving an excuse as to why I should not apologize to this body for not paying the attention to it, that I should’ve paid to it. But there is no, not one scintilla bit of evidence that the negligence involved in the disclosures that there was some way to to
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[/b]Hopefully, it'll be for those 14 days and then I'll be back up ready to throw 200 innings in the major leagues. "It's something I thought about. I tried to prepare myself for every possibility. Obviously I'm not happy about it. But, this too, shall pass." Pulsipher is scheduled to resume throwing on the side tomorrow. Depending on his progress, he hopes to be back on a mound by next week. In the meantime, Pulsipher is performing rehabilitation exercises anding to maintain the conditioning he built before the injury. "Obviously I'm better off having it happen now with my shoulder at complete strength," Pulsipher said. "Over the last couple of days I've been busting my butt so I don't have to start all over again. When I'm ready to throw again, I'll really be ready to throw." The certain absence of Pulsipher for the first few weeks of the season means the Mets need a fill-in starter. Juan Acevedo, in all likelihood, will take Pulsipher's place, joining Bobby Jones, Jason Isringhausen, Paul Wilson and Dave Mlicki.Pete Harnisch, who makes his second spring start today as he comes back from shoulder surgery, is not expected back by Opening Day and mig
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[/b]ent's Medical Center operated on Ruocco for two hours before he died at 6:20 a.m. Solis was in critical condition. "It was just a party," said Melina Metalios, who hosted the bash. "It was just drunken stupidity." depsteinA MANHATTAN FATHER marveled yesterday at how his son escaped death by an inch after an apparent psycho randomly stabbed him on the West Side. "The knife wound was 1 inch from his heart," said the grateful father of Edwin Barahona, 39, who was attacked by a bike-riding, knife-wielding man Sunday on West End Ave. near 63rd St. Barahona was at a bus stop with his girlfriend about 7:15 p.m. when the man - described as black, in his early 30s, wearing a brown hat and sweater and with a scar on his right cheek - pedaled up to the couple. "He stopped riding the bicycle. He was holding the handle and with his right hand stabbed him in the chest," said the victim's father, Jose Barahona. "He was attacked for no reason." At first, Edwin Barahona thought he had been punched just below an arm. Then he felt the warm flow of his own blood, his father said. "He was lucky," the still-shaken father said. Edwin Barahona was released yesterday from


[/b]arx. según la teoría malthusiana de la población, las mejoras en la mortalidad se postula para ser de corta duración: a medida que la población aumentó en relación con el suministro de alimentos, la reducción de la muerte debido a una enfermedad que se compensa con la muerte debido a alguna otra enfermedad . marx previó la continua opresión de los trabajadores, hasta que los churnings imparables de la historia desató la revolución que condujo a una dictadura del proletariado, construido sobre las ruinas del capitalismo. el consejo de cambio es una síntesis de unas cinco décadas de investigación en demografía, economía, medicina
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[/b]subcomité de medio ambiente michael simpson la semana pasada el apoyo a la enmienda legislativa a la legislación initiative.the gasto afectaría a la capacidad de la epa para trabajar en la economía de combustible hasta septiembre de 2012, al final de la year.such fiscal en curso una estrategia, si se convierte en ley, podría matar a la nueva regulación, si obama pierde la reelección para un candidato republicano inclinados a abandonar el esfuerzo. de lo contrario, la presión alta visibilidad mantiene el tema en el centro de atención con la propuesta de norma en virtud de consideration.bailey de madera, los asuntos legislativos jefe del
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[/b]ia . - este hallazgo sugiere que la igualdad de matrimonio puede producir grandes beneficios para la salud pública mediante la reducción de la aparición de problemas relacionados con estresse.a estudio duró 12 meses , a partir de 2003, cuando massachusetts se convirtió en el primer estado en legalizar la práctica . se incluyó a más de 1.200 pacientes en una clínica de salud que ofrece el servicio ellos a los gays , así como otros grupos minoritarios médico sexual.as visitas bajaron en un 13% durante el período , en comparación con el ao anterior, según el estudio. esto llevó a una caída de 14 % en el costo de la atención saú
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[/b]all down, though I guess I could have designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao - everything in it is crooked." As for Benton, "I was seriously dyslexic. I was thought of as almost retarded. But I could afford the $25-a-semester tuition. The University of Texas saved my life."While I was there, I had the best job I've ever had. I worked in a bookstore. That was where I learned you could talk about books without having read them. Superficiality is something I understand."New York, Benton felt, was a place where you could "lead your childhood idea of a cosmopolitan life." This remained the case even in the early '60s, when Benton lived with Gloria Steinem, who would organize croquet games at 6 a.m. on Sundays in Central Park. ("She was a murderous croquet player," he recalls.)"The IN and OUT Book," they agree, could only have been written by outsiders. "Only outsiders have that passion, that need to be insiders," Benton says. "We didn't want to be powerful or rich. We didn't want to run a movie studio. We just wanted to be on the inside of things."To be IN was the thing I longed for," Benton says, adding the Talmudic distinction, "I could describe it
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[/b]ng against all manner of liberal causes. "Today, The News is a very different newspaper in a very different city, one of many hues and languages. "The News is far better written and reported than before - still with the snappy headlines, but with more substance beneath. Editorially, it is now as embracing of its very changed city as it was once intolerant of all change. "But most importantly, the New York Daily News has worked to stay rooted in its communities through the city's worst times and through dramatic change, swimming against the tide of flight. "In doing so, it has fully earned that moniker New York's hometown newspaper, giving it real meaning."At Canarsie Piers, going to the bathroom was an exercise in forbearance until recently.The bathroom - or lack thereof - was a major inconvenience for people who frequented the national park overlooking Jamaica Bay."The bathrooms were closed for almost a year," said Israel Weitzenberg, 63, a retired construction worker."They have Porta Potties instead that don't have any running water. Women have to bring their own toilet paper and sanitizers in with them," he said of the facilities shortly before
[/b]s can't be carried over. The last few weeks have seen new market-leading cash ISAs enter the market including Cheshire Building Society's Direct Cash ISA, paying 3.06% interest, and Newcastle Building Society's Bonus ISA and the AA's Internet Access ISA both offering 3.05%. Cheshire demands at least £1000 in deposit but savers can open an ISA from Newcastle with only £1. The AA requires £500. Taking advantage of these rates, rather than waiting until just before the April 5 deadline, means accruing extra interest immediately.However, the top deals all include that year-long bonus, which means the rate will plunge in 2013. If you opened or transferred funds to a new ISA last year, it's highly likely that that's happening to your savings now. But never withdraw funds from an ISA to reinvest in a more generous one: doing so means losing the tax-free wrapper on all the savings. Instead, switch existing ISA balances into the best deals that allow transfers in. These include the above Newcastle deal and Marks Spencer's Money Advantage ISA, paying 3%. Fill in a transfer form and the bank will organise the tax paperwork on your behalf.Either £10


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[/b]iolence charges, alleges Finley is an unfit dad who "often gets into fights and/or confrontations with strangers," according to court papers obtained by Court TV's The Smoking Gun. But Finley's lawyer, Gerald Phillips, denied "vigorously the truth in any component of her statement" and indicated that "such statements were inherently, patently unbelievable for anyone who knows Mr. Finley." A friend of the pitcher agreed, saying it's Kitaen who still has drug issues. "He has tried desperately to address her drug problems," said a friend, adding that if Finley did take steroids, his lean body would be more muscular. "He told me he would go to the extent of quitting baseball to take up the care of his children. He has no reputation for drinking, fighting or marijuana use. Chuck is as mellow a guy as I know, and everybody who knows him loves him. He's just a good ol' boy." "We support Chuck in his personal life," said an Indians spokesman. As for the drug allegations, he added: "He complies with the union rules." No baby - no lie Madonna's camp is denying a fresh round of pregnancy rumors. Next week's Star magazine says that the singer, who turns 44 in
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[/b]h chelation for lead.”House: “And she got worse. She never stopped being poisoned.” House cuts into Arlene’s flesh near her hip. He reveals another symptom—muscle tissue with black spots, which strongly suggests metallosis, an immune system reaction to a metal implant. (Recall Arlene’s hip replacement)More specifically, the wear-and-tear on the artificial hip released cobalt into Arlene’s system, which leads us to the final diagnosis: cobalt poisoning. Chelation therapy will cure it, causing a bit of sunshine to return to P-P.Overall, this was one of the best episodes of the season: taut writing, some chance-taking with the set design, and the usual fine performances from Laurie, Edelstein, and Peter Jacobson, who plays Taub. I almost always enjoy Robert Sean Leonard in House M.D. episodes, but the absence of Wilson in this noirish installment served the show well.OK, see you next week….***Follow my health columns on Twitter @JohnAshleyCloudPainHouse Watch: What Causes Back PainBy John Cloud | @JohnAshleyCloud | January 25, 2011 | +TweetLike last week’s episode, this week’s House M.D. stuck to the formula that has worked so well for th
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[/b]y," Gabriela said yesterday. "I can't wait for my treatment to end so I can go back home." New Yorkers rallied to Gabriela's side after Mount Sinai Medical Center refused to treat her because her family did not have insurance. After the Daily News reported her plight, actress Marlo Thomas persuaded doctors at St. Jude to treat Gabriela free of charge. The actress' late father, entertainer Danny Thomas, founded the hospital three decades ago. Doctors there, who have been treating Gabriela with chemotherapy and radiation since her transfer from Mount Sinai, said recent tests show no signs of live cancer in her body. "The term remission is used an awful lot in leukemia cases, but I would much prefer to say that she has no evidence of active disease," said Dr. William Meyer, chief of St. Jude's solid tumor clinic. "In essence, as hard as we look, we don't find any evidence of living cancer cells." Unable to walk or control her bodily functions since doctors in Bolivia misdiagnosed her tumor as a pinched nerve, Gabriela languished in a Mount Sinai hospital bed for weeks without treatment because she lacked insurance for the $250,000 treatment. She must

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[/b]idered too dated, it has survived as the definitive story of all war veterans, everywhere."All About Eve" (1950)The quintessential backstage theater drama, with dialogue to die for. And oh, that bitchy cast: Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Celeste Holm, Gary Merrill and Thelma Ritter."An American In Paris" (1951)Gene Kelly sings and dances, George Gershwin writes the score. Amazing. One of the great Holly-wood musicals, with stylish direction by Vincente Minnelli."On the Waterfront" (1954)Brando is magnetic as a misfit informer. Budd Schulberg's screenplay is top-notch, as is Elia Kazan's direction. Amazing supporting work from Eva Marie Saint, Karl Malden and Rod Steiger ("You was my brother, Charlie. You shoulda taken care of me.")"West Side Story" (1961)Bernstein-Sondheim-Robbins do "Romeo and Juliet" set among feuding gangs in Manhattan. Groundbreaking in its use of song and dance to tell a story."Lawrence of Arabia" (1962)Big-budget film making at its finest. Sweep, scope, but also an in-depth look at a complex human being. Peter O'Toole turns in a star-making performance."The Godfather: Part II" (1974)Fuller and deeper than the or
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[/b]f how optimistic people are about the prospects of the economy, and their own prospects. Combine that with this week’s large drop in consumer confidence and that seems like a real worry. But there is a second newer fear raised by the fact that more people aren’t out looking for work: The Federal Reserve. If people don’t return to the workforce but companies continue to increase hiring that can cause inflation. The result may be that Ben Bernanke and the Fed would have to boost interest rates. And higher interest rates could slow the economy. Economy.com’s Mark Zandi on CNBC this morning said that the jobs report “calls into question when the Fed has to move on interest rates.”James Paulsen, chief investment strategist of Wells Capital, though, says people are making a bigger deal out of the job market participation rate than they should be. The labor force has been growing slowly for some time. Women and baby boomers entered the workforce in droves in the 1970s. Since then the labor force has been growing much slower, a trend that has been slightly exaggerated during the recession, but a long-term trend nonethel
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[/b]remembers the wife needs a quart of milk and eggs. Beats the line in Waldbaum's. Pretty soon, he's got a pile of stuff, and asks if I take credit cards, and I say "Yeah," and then he notices that the bus to Atlantic City leaves from out front, and that he can Xerox something and send a fax, too, and before he leaves, he sees on the back of The News that pitchers and catchers have reported, so he buys a pack of baseball cards, make that two, and a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, that outsell baseball cards, and by the time he signs the receipt, I have a steady customer, who tells two more people, who tell another four and that leads to more traffic, traffic, traffic." He rings up $220 worth of comics for a steady customer, a man in his 50s. "I also sell 50 dozen eggs a week," Scondo says. "Go figure. I showed how much sales tax I paid last quarter to the Lottery people, so how the hell can the Lottery turn me down" I promise him to find out why, because this place is a sure bet. Meanwhile, my two are sitting on the floor, piling up the comics, gulping cold sodas, eating glorious gobs of junk, reading "Star Wars" passages aloud to one another in an age wh


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[/b]ichmond, London17 January 2012Ian Ritchie will officially take over as the Rugby Football Union's new chief executive on February 27 after almost seven years in charge of the All England Club.Ritchie, who has already stood down from the Wembley Stadium board, will also relinquish his non-executive director role with the Football League before taking up his position at Twickenham. I am very much looking forward to meeting and working with new colleagues and partners at the RFU, Ritchie said. There is much to be positive about, seeing a new generation of players emerge in the RBS 6 Nations and seizing the unique chance to grow the game when hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2015 is very exciting. Joining the RFU as CEO was an irresistible opportunity. It was a very difficult decision to leave the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club but I know they have a fantastic team and I wish them continued success for the future. Ritchie's brief will be to lead the RFU out of arguably the most turbulent year of its history and towards England's golden opportunity of hosting the World Cup. The RFU spent 2011 in a state of manageria
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[/b]ives 8 3 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, at roomtemperature 2 tablespoons vanilla extract 3/4cup sugar 1 cup sour cream 2 tablespoons flour 2 eggs 1 tablespoon butter 4 (1-ounce) squares semisweet chocolate 3 tablespoons soy milk 1 ready-made shortbread pie crust 1/4cup chopped pecans or walnuts Whipped cream Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese and the vanilla until smooth. Gradually add the sugar, then the sour cream and flour. Add the eggs 1 at a time, and continue to beat until smooth. Set the mixture aside. In a small saucepan, melt the butter with the chocolate, stirring constantly. Add the milk, and blend. Pour the chocolate mixture into the bottom of the crust, leaving out 1 tablespoon. Spread evenly. Pour the cream-cheese mixture over the chocolate. Sprinkle chopped nuts on top. Drizzle with the remaining 1 tablespoon of chocolate. Bake for about an hour or until set. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or overnight. Top with whipped cream before serving, or serve the whipped cream on the side. CALLING ALL COOKS Do you have a special recipe you'd like to share Send it along, with a brief descriptio
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[/b]behind the magic wonderwall, I indulge in a little presidential campaign history: Four years ago, in September 2007, John McCain–the eventual Republican nominee–was dead in the water, having raised and wasted a ton of money and fired most of his staff. Eight years ago, John Kerry–the eventual Democratic nominee–had tanked as well, the victim of staff problems, indecision and Howard Dean, whose passionate candidacy had captured the fancy of Democratic activists.This year, Mitt Romney is facing a similar swoonlet, with Texas Governor Rick Perry–who tickles the GOP’s base as Dean did the Democrats–sweeping past him in the near-meaningless early horserace polls. Perry, as the world now knows, is a bit of a wild…man. In normal circumstances, a candidate who implies that the government’s most popular program–Social Security–is unconstitutional would not have much of a future in presidential politics and I wouldn’t be surprised if Perry self-immolates in the struggle to stay hot in the cold Iowa winter. (In any case, the presence of both Perry and Bachmann in the race splits the ant


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[/b]lling Schintzius "unstable" and branding his story "a blatant lie." At the request of the defense, Coleman also barred mention at trial of a 1994 incident at a Meadowlands parking lot, in which Williams used a handgun to shoot a hubcap on a security officer's vehicle. Among other things, Coleman concluded the Meadowlands incident had occurred too long ago to be relevant. The prosecution had wanted to introduce both "prior bad acts" because of perceived similarities in the circumstances surrounding the Christofi shooting. For example, alcohol and gunplay was involved in all three incidents. Errickson argued that the earlier shooting incidents showed Williams' history of handling guns recklessly, especially after consuming alcohol. "He knew the dangers of guns and alcohol, not from the abstract, but from his own experience in life," she said. The former basketball player is charged with aggravated manslaughter, reckless manslaughter, aggravated assault and several coverup counts, including tampering with witnesses and tampering with evidence. He could get 55 years in prison.NBA stars cooperated with authorities investigating an allegedly mob-control
[/b]of others like the Warfallah and Gaddafi’s own relatively small Qadhafah. Libya’s armed forces are also disproportionately drawn from tribes in the country’s west. It’s obvious that some tribes have more at stake in the preservation of the Gaddafi regime, and more to lose if he is ousted.Yet, it’s also easy to overstate the importance of tribal divisions, long a fetish for Western observers keen to make sense of the Arab world. While Libya’s tribes do have pronounced influence, many Libyans growing up under Gaddafi have been taught for years of the country’s unique pan-African and pan-Arab identity in such a grand-historical context, there’s little room for tribal partisanship. Nor does it seem that most tribal militias in the country are particularly well-armed or well-trainedand capable of actually taking on the crack brigades headed by Gaddafi’s family members and staffed, in some instances, by foreign-born fighters.Tribal allegiances, moreover, are not always clear or consistent. For example, there are some in the Warfallah who have already turned against Gaddafi, while others evidentl
[/b]details of the buyout, Newsday spokesman Stu Vincent said staffers' consideration of the offer "will play out over the next month or so." The job cuts come in response to Newsday's admission during the summer that it improperly inflated circulation by 100,000 copies in recent years. The scandal will cost the parent Tribune Co. up to $90 million in reimbursements to advertisers that were billed at the pumped-up circ levels. John Mancini - whom Knight promoted to editor on Tuesday, replacing Howard Schneider - met with editors individually this week. "Everyone knows it makes sense for a new editor to have his own team," he told the Daily News, while indicating there would be no other immediate changes in newsroom management. PcolfordTwo Newsday journalists imprisoned by Iraqi authorities for more than a week were freed yesterday after Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and the Vatican helped win their release, a Newsday editor said. To cheers from the paper's newsroom, reporter Matthew McAllester, 33, and photographer Moises Saman, 29, called after crossing the border into Jordan to say they were safe. The two had not been heard from since March 24, w


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[/b]s were aware of the meeting, but that they assumed the leak was a negotiating tactic. The idea of China taking the lead in Afghanistan “was fanciful at best,” they said.That may be so. More worrying is the prospect of a stronger Pakistan-China alliance that elbows aside the U.S. Just days after returning from Washington D.C. for what appears to have been a heated conversation about the use of predator drones in Pakistan’s tribal areas, Pakistani Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir is now on a trip to China. A foreign ministry spokesperson said the discussions were about ‘bilateral, regional and international issues,’ but an unnamed Pakistani official informed the English language daily Express Tribune that the visit may have had more to do with the rise in tensions between Pakistan and the United states over a drone strike that killed dozens of civilians and the Raymond Davis case.“Under these circumstances, the foreign secretary’s visit to China has assumed greater significance….We have excellent relations with China but the time has come to take the ties to the next level where we should have less reliance on the Americans.”Of course, it ma
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[/b]go see them." If the group does go ahead with a rumored search for a replacement, young devotees had plenty of recommendations. "They need a leader," said Christina O'Hearn, 11. "So maybe something like 'Sergeant Spice.' " Her pal Amanda Richter opted for "maybe some really weird name like 'Paprika.' " Angela DeCastro, 14, of Queens would dub the new band member "Beauty Spice, because she would be cute, pretty." Her sister, Daniela, 12, wanted someone who looked and sounded just like Ginger. "They should give her the same name," she said. "Then it would be the same." Irish tourist Maria Greene, 15, suggested "Fashion Spice" as a new member's moniker, but said it really didn't matter if they ever replaced Ginger. "If they have good songs, it's okay," she said. Model Naomi Campbell or singers Brandy and Jewel led the list of famous replacements. "Jewel would be good," said Lara Wykoff, 9, of Elmhurst. "She already knows how to sing and she's pretty." Nicole DelVecchio, 10, of Flushing agreed the band should replace Ginger, but doubted that anyone like Jewel or Brandy would be chosen. "They are too involved with themselves and their own style of sin
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[/b]itutional problems—and action from European Union courts—that banning garments worn only by some Muslim women would involve on civil liberties grounds. As a result, text authors changed the draft law to prohibit people from wearing any facial covering that obscures their identity on security grounds. Its real intent thereby masked, the law designed to ban the wearing of burqas and niqabs was passed last September as a nominally, and came into force Monday.Yet the events surrounding the protests outside Notre Dame this morning speak volumes about what motivated the law—and where it’s probably heading. Only a dozen actual demonstrators turned up for the protest (few were reportedly veiled) that drew hundreds of reporters and cops. The media and security response (read “hype”) to such a miniscule event was the reflection of the political objective behind the ban itself: generate lots of attention and debate by taking on something that—statistically and socially speaking—is minor at most, and thereby give the illusion of taking an important stand for the collective good. Major smoke; virtually no fire.As noted earlier, the three protesting wome


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[/b]and movie theater rolled into one, you can sit for a pre-movie meal in the upscale dining room, then buy tickets at a discount from the waiter. If dinner doesn't fill you up, the caf/concession stand will with Rice Krispie treats, jumbo cookies, gourmet Jones-brand sodas and old-fashioned candy Dots. Over in SoHo, Angelika Film Center and Caf prides itself on gourmet sandwiches, fresh pies and even vegan brownies. Down the block at Film Forum, the nonprofit cinema eschews candy and buttered popcorn for coffee, cappuccino and cake. And uptown at Sony Theaters Lincoln Square, where movies start at 10:30 a.m., a Reel Java coffee bar provides flavored coffees and danish. Some suburban Sony/Loews theaters even serve French fries and burgers to eat in the cafe or take into the show. The concept harks back to '50s-style drive-ins, recalls Sony/Loews' Michael Rucker. Some national theaters have even installed tray tables in the seat-backs for easy eating, but cinemas must carefully test foods first. "You have to make sure it's not going to interfere with patrons nearby, in both noise and smell," Rucker explains. "You couldn't serve cabbage soup, for inst
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[/b]ristians, including online theologian Paul Begley in Indiana, believe the animal deaths were divined from above as a sign the end of days is approaching.(More on TIME.com: See the top 10 most dramatic animal stories of 2010.)The death of cows, birds and fish in particular seems to follow the prophecy set out by the Bible in the Book of Hosea, and are said to result when man turns his back on God. “By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood,” the prophecy goes. “Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.”“There’s something biblically going on with the signs of the second coming of Christ,” Begley says on his YouTube channel. His message could creep out believers and non-believers alike. But don’t expect the second coming any time soon. He adds that “we still need seven years of tribulation” and “the rise of the anti-Christ” for that to happen. (via the N
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[/b]a," he declares, as he prepares tea for himself and a visitor. "I really like coffee, but I can't take the caffeine." He boils the water in a cast-iron pot - he doesn't approve of tea kettles, either. "It's too easy to burn yourself." Not all of Rorem's pronouncements are on domestic issues: "I love Wagner if I don't have to listen to him," he says as he divides some pastries a friend has given him exactly in half so there will be no squabbles (he is a pacifist). As if more proof were needed of the generosity behind his seemingly doctrinaire facade, it arrives on cue. The phone rings. It is Bobby Short, who has been asked to perform one of Rorem's songs. "Tell me what key you're comfortable in and I'll arrange it," Rorem tells him. The 78-year-old Rorem has been a composer since age 18. Much admired, he is, like so many American composers, not much performed. "Which means that even at my age, I'm bitter, jealous and petty," he says with half a smile. He is celebrated for compositions that have received many distinguished awards, including a Pulitzer Prize in 1976, but he's famous for his diaries. In 1966, Georges Braziller published the diaries


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[/b]217;s Brecht or something.”– Joanna Newsom in The Guardian.Truly there is just something about her that other celebrities dislike.The inciting incident of the feud about nothing was Gaga’s visit to a New York Mets game earlier this month. The singer showed up in the front row of Citi Field in a theatrical leather-jacket-and-lingerie getup and, when the inevitable attention got too much for her, flipped photographers the middle finger and retreated to a private box — Seinfeld’s box.Seinfeld, a die-hard Mets fan, originally brushed off the incident. But in a radio interview on Monday, Seinfeld sang a different tune. “I changed my mind. This woman’s a jerk. I hate her,” he told New York sports station WFAN. “I can’t believe they put her in my box, which I paid for. You give people the finger and you get upgraded Is that the world we’re living in now”He continued with a riff that NewsFeed could not believe was the work of the actual Jerry Seinfeld and not a Seinfeld impersonator: “What is she giving the finger [for] What’s the finger anyway Speaking of interesting
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[/b]nearly died in 2002 when his plane went down in a lake in Alabama.All the safety checks, however, are no assurance that something bad won't happen, Gordon said."I drive a race car 200 miles an hour every weekend, and it's dangerous," he said. "And it can happen there. Or it could happen walking across the street, you know. And all you can do is to be as preventative and to be as structured and organized as possible to make sure that those things don't happen. But there's never any guarantees." 1ForestsThe Planet’s Natural Air FiltersBy Jeffrey Kluger | April 14, 2011 | +TweetThe Earth as one great organism has always been one of the most appealing metaphors of the green movement. From the moment environmentalist James Lovelock first articulated his so-called Gaia hypothesisafter the Greek goddess of the Earthin the 1970s, the theory has continued to charm environmentalists.It doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny, of course. With the exception of a sort of biofilm covering the surface or shallow subsurface of the world, the vast majority of the planet is nothing but inorganic rock and water and gas and metals. And yet the Earth as
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[/b]— A-10 Warthog tank-killing jets and the C-130 gunships — suggests diminished ambitions for the military campaign. And the regime continues to have the better of the ground exchanges. Rather than escalate the war, some key NATO members are pushing to end it: Turkey is accelerating efforts to achieve a ceasefire, claiming it has had a positive response from rebel leaders to a three-point plan involving withdrawal by Gaddafi’s forces from besieged cities such as Misrata, the opening of humanitarian corridors to those, and an agreement on holding free elections. Those proposals are to be taken to Tripoli by Libya’s deputy foreign minister, although a substantial gap remains between the regime and the rebels over whether the Gaddafis can remain in power during any transition.Ham’s testimony made clear that if they wanted to topple Gaddafi’s regime — a stated objective of the key players in the military campaign, Britain, France and the U.S. even if not necessarily through the military campaign — NATO powers, first and foremost the United States, would have to invest more military resources than they are


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[/b]ad 10 years to hone what she wants and has developed staying power in an industry more known for creating fly-by-night sensations than lasting stars. There are a handful left from the original rap explosion of the 1980s, and Lyte is one of them.She began her career as a lark, helping her stepdad, Nat Robinson, complete his record label that he started for her brothers, Milk and Gizmo, who formed Audio Two. "I would play around, rapping with my brothers in our basement," says Lyte, who grew up in Brooklyn. "So when my dad asked if I wanted to be on the label, I said sure. I had no expectations. I just thought it would be fun."Fun turned into airplay, which turned into sales. In just a few months, she went from Lana Moorer, sophomore at George Wingate High School, to MC Lyte."The Lyte part I picked up out of a philosophy book," she says. "When I was reading the characteristics of lighttruth, one of the many gifts from God, leads you down many passagewaysI said, `That's the one for me. 1UncategorizedThe Rat’s Deserted. Hold the ChampagneBy Bobby Ghosh | @ghoshworld | March 30, 2011 | +TweetNews that Moussa Koussa, Libya’s foreign min
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[/b]isted. Buffy hasn’t existed in that way; every iteration has always been helmed in some part by the series’ creator.(More on TIME.com: Whedon To Direct TheAvengers)Even worse is Anderson’s plan to not make this “your high-school Buffy.” Part of the charm of Buffy Summers was she was your average high school (and eventually college) student, except she had kick ass martial arts skills and awesome weaponry. Every girl could imagine herself being a slayer, because Buffy went through the same problems we went through every day – well, minus the vampires and evil creatures always trying to break through into the mortal realm. Taking the slayer out of Sunnydale and re-inventing her character without the hand of the man who created her in the first place is dangerous territory.Gaming Culture“Call of Duty: Black Ops” Secret Code Cracked on YouTubeBy Hanna Jones | November 24, 2010 | +TweetDidn’t even know there was a secret code on Call of Duty: Black Ops which reveals the secret ending Well you do now and Techland is here to help you crack it yourself.There has been some speculation and a few
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[/b]nvironment factors and even behavior whether you smoke, feel stressed or eat an unhealthy diet, for instance. Some scientists argue that epigenetic changes the most common type is known as DNA methylation can be passed onto future generations.Feinberg and Fallin’s paper, which involved 74 participants in a long-term study in Reykjavik, reports that certain patterns of epigenetic marks can be associated with a higher risk of obesity. The team began by mapping 4.5 million areas of the human genome. Of the 4.5 million locations, researchers found that 227 were distinct between people like an epigenetic fingerprint. Two-thirds of those distinct locations remained constant over time, but one-third changed over the course of the 11-year study. Feinberg attributes these changes to environmental and behavioral influences.“Once we figured out what changed over time, we thought, ‘Could they be related to disease’ So we looked at BMI, just because it was quantitative and so significant even with a smaller sample size,” says Feinberg, referring to body mass index, a ratio of weight and height that is used to dete


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[/b]#8217;s every bit as lucky as he is good.As a northeastern moderate, at least by the standards of today’s Republican party, Christie would have attracted the same kind of voters that Romney is relying upon for his leads in key states like New Hampshire and Florida. And without the albatross of Romney’s Obama-esque health reform or his starch-collar style, Christie could have likely done the only thing Romney’s immaculate, focus group-tested campaign has failed to do: spark heady enthusiasm in the party’s base. He wouldn’t have been a flawless candidate –in fact, the potential downside of his very moderate record in a primary has often been overlooked–but almost every vote he would take would be right out of Mitt Romney’s pocket.Christie’s final answer leaves a large swath of the GOP electorate with a clearer decision ahead of them. Tim Pawlenty has retired and Jon Huntsman is running his own race against “no opinion/none of the above” in the polls. Romney, meanwhile, has managed to consolidate support of establishment Republicans who hold general election viability at a premium, jus
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[/b]egime as recently as July will likely harm efforts by Beijing to develop ties with a new government in Libya. Documents describing the proposed sales were found by a Graeme Smith, a reporter with the Toronto-based Globe and Mail, in a trash pile in a Tripoli neighborhood popular with Gaddafi officials. His story for the newspaper says one document outlines a July 16 meeting in Beijing between Gaddafi security officials and representatives of three Chinese arms manufacturers. The Chinese side offered weapons and ammunition worth at least $200 million and suggested the material could be shipped through South Africa and Algeria. The proposed weapons include hand-held surface-to-air missiles, truck-mounted rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles. While it is unclear if any of the arms were ever delivered, rebel officials asserted the documents are authentic, the Globe and Mail reported.Smith’s story continues:The documents suggest that Beijing and other governments may have played a double game in the Libyan war, claiming neutrality but covertly helping the dictator. The papers do not confirm whether any military assistance was delivered, but se
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[/b]is by grades," her father whispered to her mother. His joke masked mixed emotions that ran through him like colliding rivers of pride and loss. He realized that as Katie grew up, he'd grown older, and he would never have these special days with her again. His daughter's high school and college years had been among the best of his life. And now, as she approached the stage, he seemed to relive all of them at once. He remembered a teenage club queen he'd have to awaken four times every morning in her high school years, coaxing her out of bed with buttered biscuits and mugs of steaming tea. Then Katie would spend 90 minutes in the bathroom, showering, doing makeup, dressing in the latest Polo, Timberland and Hilfiger fashions. Then she'd sculpt The Hair, weigh herself down with earrings the size of the Coney Island Wonder Wheel and don untied $130 designer sneakers. While her father screamed himself hoarse as the clock ticked toward her first-period class. Until Katie invariably had just 10 minutes to get from the Windsor Terrace apartment to the Bay Ridge high school. Which meant the old man would have to shell out Terrace Car Service cash. When the


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[/b]uneral services are scheduled for Fred Ware, 59, and Terry Helms, 50. The family of the 12th miner, 54-year-old George Hamner, did not disclose funeral information. Meanwhile, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W. Va.) said he would grill federal mining honchos later this month about the disaster - and about reports Sago Mine was rife with safety violations. "The families of the Sago miners deserve to know what happened in that mine," said Byrd. Among other things, Byrd wants to know why the feds let mine owners lead the rescue effort instead of taking over, like Pennsylvania officials did at Quecreek Mine when nine miners were rescued in July 2002. Meanwhile, the last witness to what happened 260 feet below the Earth's surface remained in critical condition and was battling a fever. While doctors fear "Miracle Miner" Randal McCloy suffered brain damage after 42 hours underground, they reported his brain stem showed no sign of damage, that he was breathing on his own and was being eased out of a medically induced coma. csiemaszkoWILLIAMSPORT, Pa. - For once, Staten Island's Cardiac Kids wound up on the losing side of a nail-biter yesterday, and now they'll most
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[/b]point we had four studios going simultaneously), recording over 70 actors. It was a pretty crazy task undertaken by myself, Mikey Dowling (the dialog producer at Obsidian), and some very hard working people at Blindlight, our Hollywood casting and audio production agency.Its very easy to fall into a lets get celebrities! mindset when casting a project like this, but I think we did a good job avoiding that. Yes, we have celebrities in the game, but whenever we cast one, we did it because we felt they would be right for the character and the game. Also the actors enthusiasm for the project definitely helped.When we were thinking about casting Matthew Perry, we had a meeting with him and his people where we just sat around and talked about games for a few hours. Hes really, really into Fallout, and was supe- excited at the thought of being in the game. And while he hadnt done any voiceover work before, his enthusiasm for the project meant he was willing to work very hard to get it right.And thats something people tend to miss about voiceover C its very, very hard work. Not every actor who appears on camera is capable of doing it. Y
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[/b]; Wife Demands Anita Hill ApologyBy Claire Mc Cormack | October 20, 2010 | +Tweet REUTERS/Rick Wilking REUTERS/Rick WilkingYou have one new voice message. (via Swampland)Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, wants an apology from Anita Hill following her 1991 accusations. Nineteen years ago, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was barely confirmed by the Senate after a former colleague, Anita Hill, accused him of sexual harassment. (From the archives: The 1991 Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill cover story)On Saturday, in a bizarre new twist, Ginni Thomas, a Tea Party activist, decided today is the day to seek an official apology.Yesterday, Ms. Thomas admitted that she left a message on Ms. Hill’s answering machine, at Brandeis University, with the intention of “extending an olive branch.”The following message, which Hill reported to university security, was recorded in what The New Yorker‘s Jane Mayer calls a “singsong” voice: “Anita Hill, this is Ginni Thomas, and I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and the years and ask you to consider something. I wo

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[/b]imore should be expected ofthe nation’s second largest defense contractor that both has an ethically checkered recent past and is particularly close to President Barack Obama.Here’s what Boeing told Government Executive magazine:[Robert Algarotti, rotorcraft support communications manager for Boeing in St. Louis]pointed to rapidly changing requirements during a time of war. “In a period of about three years during wartime at the Corpus Christi Army Depot,we contracted for nearly 8,000 individual parts,” he said. “The handful oferrors cited by the IG’s initial report represents an extremely small part ofour outstanding support to our U.S. Army customer. Boeing voluntarily reimbursed the government for the items cited and already improved our process, which will prevent reoccurrence of these errors.”He added that the Corpus Christi logistics contract is performance-based. “During the time when the performance metric was repair turnaround time,” he said, “we improved this measurement by 43 percent.”Not so fast.The DoD OIG report is bit like three reports in one.While one section
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[/b]shower curtain grows a jaunty array of pretty bottles, and the rain cape (launching in March) will burst into flower.The Squid squad are exploiting what in techno speak are smart or intelligent materials. These have in-built technology that makes them react to their environment or to a stimulus from their user. They might be activated by light, for example, or electricity, touch/pressure, movement, moisture/water, acidity, change of temperature or magnetism.It's an area of design and architecture that has exploded recently, with applications way beyond colour and pattern.How about porcelain tiles that purify the air by breaking down nitrogen dioxide and give off oxygen under light (From ecofriendlytiles.co.uk).Similarly RCA graduate Lauren Bowker has made textiles that monitor and neutralise pollution (pdcl2.com). Intelligent glass is a clear winner, activated by a very small electric current. Piva-Lite goes cloudy for instant privacy or security, and E-Glas cuts condensation and can even melt snow. Thermovit is used for 100 per cent energy-efficient mirrored glass radiators. Gaining ground are phase chan
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[/b]five years later. So let's be fair," made during a "60 Minutes" interview. Nagin was responding to criticism of the Hurricane Katrina cleanup and rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. He since has apologized, and this weekend, he visited New York in an effort to find investors for his hurricane-ravaged city. "Our prayers are with you, our support is there and anything we can do in the future to help you . . . we'll be there," Nagin said in a message to New Yorkers on Friday. Other visitors to Ground Zero yesterday had mixedfeelings about Nagin's comments and his appearance. "I think he's a mayor under a great deal of pressure," said Roseann Adams, 51, of Connecticut. "Sometimes people say things that seem insensitive, but they don't feel that way in their heart. It was good for him to come here." But others were less forgiving. "I thought it was ridiculous," Joe Ivie, 45, of Dallas, said of Nagin's comments comparing Katrina to 9/11. "One was manmade. One was nature. We couldn't predict any of this." Ron Landreth, 43, visiting from Houston with his wife, Tamarra, called Nagin disrespectful. "It's kind of ridiculous for him to show his face," he said

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[/b]ifts among the nation’s children.More on Time.com:SPECIAL: Figuring Out Food Labels5 Pregnancy Taboos Explained (orDebunked)ParentingStudy: 5,000 Children Fall From Windows Each YearBy Bonnie Rochman | @brochman | August 22, 2011 | +TweetGetty ImagesParents use devices to prevent kids from lapping up toilet water and creeping into the oven. They attach molded hunks of foam to soften a kitchen table’s pointy edges and install outlet protectors to keep children from inadvisably mixing with electric currents. But not enough parents are taking appropriate precautions when it comes to windows.New research finds that nearly 5,200 kids are treated in an emergency department each year after falling from a window. That’s 14 kids a day, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.“These are serious injuries and they’re still common despite the fact that we have seen a decline,” says Gary Smith, the paper’s senior author and director of the Center for Injury, Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.Typical hospital admission rates for childhood injuries stand
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[/b]taking offense at Baez’s attacks, Ashton covered his mouth to conceal a large grin, prompting Baez to point to Ashton and say, “This laughing guy right here!” Judge Perry halted the proceedings, sent the jury out of the room and admonished both lawyers. Baez and Ashton clashed repeatedly during the trial, prompting Perry to call dozens of sidebars and send the jury from the room several times.While Anthony avoided the death penalty, she still faces jail time for lying to investigators. Perry set her sentencing for 9 a.m. Thursday, at which time she could be sentenced to additional time to the two years she has spent in jail awaiting trial. In Crimes of the Century, a new e-book, TIME puts infamous cases like the Casey Anthony trial under a magnifying glass. Download the e-book now.Nate Rawlings is a reporter at TIME. Find him on Twitter at @naterawlings. Continue the discussion about Casey Anthony on TIMEs Facebook page and on Twitter at @TIME.WorldCash Cab Crash: Vancouver Pedestrian Struck, Killed by Game-Show VehicleBy Kate M. Witteman | July 18, 2011 | +TweetThe taxi used in the Canad
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[/b]n to 325 billion in a bid to stave off a recession, while it will also hold interest rates at record lows of 0.5%.Many economists had previously expected the MPC to inject an even greater sum into the economy but surprisingly upbeat industry surveys for January have forced some to revise down their estimates.The closely watched Markit/CIPS surveys showed that the manufacturing sector returned to growth in January, while the powerhouse services sector saw a record leap in optimism.Malcolm Barr, an analyst at JP Morgan, had previously forecast an injection of 75 billion but said the much firmer than expected data meant he now pencilled in a 50 billion boost instead.Meanwhile, Alan Clarke, UK and eurozone economist at Scotiabank, said the survey data seriously puts the cat amongst the pigeons ahead of the Bank's decision. But he added: We have had our doubts for some time that the next QE instalment would be as big as 75 billion. Our view has been that 50 billion was a better bet.Despite the upbeat data, most analysts also insisted it was still too early to call a recovery after respected thinktank NIESR


[/b]yk at (718) 351-8107. TUESDAY, FEB. 1 BENSONHURST THE COLUMBIAN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF BROOKLYN will hold its dinner meeting at the Rex Manor, 1100 60th St. Guest speaker: Lawrence F. Di Giovanna, Esq. Topic: "Co-Ops in the New Millennium." Reservations are required; (718) 875-0158. PARK SLOPE BROOKLYN SOCIETY FOR ETHICAL CULTURE, 53 Prospect Park West, (718) 768-2972. From 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Brooklyn Women's Chorus directed by Bev Grant. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 2 PARK SLOPE BROOKLYN SOCIETY FOR ETHICAL CULTURE, 53 Prospect Park West, (718) 768-2972. From 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Folk Open sing with potluck supper and snacks co-sponsored by the Pinewoods Music Society. Bring your voice, instruments, friends, neighbors and family. Admission is free. At 6:30 p.m. "But Is It Right" - an open discussion focusing basic ethical notions and everyday moral decisions. At 8 p.m., "The Creative Process," a series of discussion with guest speakers in the field of literature, music and art. THURSDAY, FEB. 3 BROOKLYN HEIGHTS PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT, "Bridge of Dreams," by Burhan Dogancay. Feb. 3-29. Opening reception 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Admission is free. Gallery Hours
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[/b]nominious end. But the story of Bin Ladens rise is a cautionary tale of perils that persist despite the elimination of a man who had, of late, come to personify them.Bin Ladens decision to sacrifice his life in service of an implacable pan-Islamic nationalism would likely have been taken two decades earlier, when the pious young Saudi multimillionaire first ventured into Afghanistan.Back then, of course, he was an American ally, selflessly putting his fortune, his career and even his body on the line to rally Islamic firebrands from all over the world to help wage jihad against the Soviet infidels who had invaded Muslim lands. That effort, covertly backed and orchestrated by the U.S. as well as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan, saw an improbable triumph, as lightly-armed guerrilla forces put to flight the worlds largest conventional army. But it had other, unintended consequences. The Afghan jihad had drawn together Muslim radicals from all over the world, and trained and organized them into an International Brigade of Islamist fighters, feeding off each others extremism, their victory feeding fevered dreams of reviving the long-lost Isla
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[/b]e fact that they absorb more heat during the day; rather, they do a poor job of shedding it at night.In the past two months, CCNY has been closely monitoring how severe the heat island phenomenon is during an especially blistering summer, using a network of several hundred sensors scattered throughout the metropolitan area. The temperatures they’ve recorded have been dramatic. Daytime highs in the heart of the New York, the investigators found, were no worse than in suburban Long Island to the east or New Jersey to the west, but at night the thermometer could be stuck as much as 15 degrees higher.The cooling relief of a thunderstorm may also be less common in cities because the increased production of aerosolstiny atmospheric particlesfrom vehicles and other sources can alter cloud formation. This may create so-called split storms, with cities acting as a barrier against rainfall while surrounding areas get pounded.“Because of heat and aerosols,” says Jorge Gonzales, a CCNY professor of mechanical engineering, “cities [block] storm fronts, resulting in very concentrated storms in scattered areas.”The solution to


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[/b]n parte puede resucitar al ir a preferencias del sistema, la grabación 'trackpad', seleccionar la pestaa 'más' gestos y 'app exposé , que permita, que le permite ordenar discretamente ventanas dentro de una aplicación al golpear hacia abajo con tres dedos en su trackpad.article continúa en la página siguiente ... páginas: 1 2 3nutritionhow hacer una dieta más saludable affordableby meredith melnick | @ meredithcm | 04 de agosto 2011 | + tweetgetty imageseating una dieta más saludable, al igual que la recomendada por el gobierno de ee.uu., no es tarea fácil - al menos no a causa de su alto costo. un nuevo estudio publicado el jueves
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[/b]king, enfureció a los británicos a decirle a un grupo de estudiantes de chicago que las mujeres en inglaterra no la eran muy atractivos y la comida, terrible. hees ha pedido disculpas por la metedura de pata. el ejecutivo habló con el grupo la semana pasada, cuando decidió recordar sus días como una beca en el mba de la universidad de warwick en inglaterra, dijo que el sitio de nueva york daily news. la comida es terrible y las mujeres no ellos el muy atractivo. aquí en chicago, la comida es buena y qué eres tú conocido por las mujeres hermosas , dijo hees, en los estados publicado por el maroon chicago , periódico
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[/b]n insidiosa moral del pretendiente, un derrochador que no podría ser en el amor con su sencillo, la hija de torpe, ingenua confianza. townsend, sin embargo, necesita desesperadamente, sino que está empeado en dinero real en lugar de ingresos suficientes catalina. él cree que si ella apretó su caso con más insistencia astuta podía llevar a su padre alrededor de la amenaza de la desheredación. la pobre hija sabe mejor. su razón sale por fin en un doloroso reconocimiento: él no es muy aficionado a mí.% acatherine es abandonado a la miseria y el dolor persistente. aunque todavía es casto, que trae a la mente un poema de robert burns,
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[/b]it wanted the 12 "assemblers" to be people who knew about art. "That's exactly what I didn't want," says Rauschenberg. "I threatened that I would rather choose the first 12 taxi drivers that showed up at the Whitney. They backed down and let me invite some friends. The result probably wouldn't have been that different." The point of "Synapsis Shuffle" was to dramatize the way people perceive art. The "shuffle" in the title refers to the fact that Rauschenberg created 52 panels, the same number as in a deck of cards. Synapsis, he explains, "is the part of your brain that relates things, one to another. If I had wanted to put the panels together myself, I could have done it, but I wanted to see how other people would do it." The "other people" were a disparate group: Musician David Byrne, artist Chuck Close, choreographer Merce Cunningham, soprano Renee Fleming, curator Walter Hopps, critic Robert Hughes, researcher Mathilde Krim, superagent Michael Ovitz, designer and author Edwin Schlossberg, art dealer Ileana Sonnabend, multimedia guru Martha Stewart and TV correspondent Mike Wallace. They all gathered a few weeks ago at a warehouse in Long Isla
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[/b]still in his unconscious. I think the basic reasons for fear have never changed. The way that fear is expressed is changed from period to period, according to the culture of that period, but the basic fear itself stays.AT: What are your thoughts on the way violence in film has evolved over the past few decades Do you ever think that maybe it’s gotten a little cheapRC: I think violence has grown consistently. There’s much more violence in films today. It’s as if a director in one picture cuts off someone’s hand at the wrist. The director of the next picture says, “Well, I’ve got to top that. I’ll cut off the arm at the elbow.” The next one says, “I’ve got to beat that. I’ll cut it off at the shoulder.” Eventually, you reach the point of diminishing returns or no return at all and I think violence has gotten a little out of control because it’s an easy way to get a reaction.AT: You were known for your ability to make films on a low budget. Is it possible for filmmakers today to make a name for themselves making movies with smaller budgetsRC: Yes, I think it is possible. You can look at the career of Christopher Nolan for instance, wh
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[/b]ie a Natural Death' in theComputers were supposed to be the ultimate timesaver.Hah. It hasn't worked out that way, of course.And with the rise of the Internet, the problem has gotten even worse.Sure, by visiting sites on the World Wide Web, you can save a trip to the bookstore or the library or avoid waiting on hold to get technical support for your computer.But you can also waste time connecting to a distant computer or waiting for a photo to appear on your screen.In the interest of efficiency, the Daily News has consulted with professionals who make their living on or near the Internet, asking them how they manage their time on the Web.Here's their advice for getting the most out of the Internet and online services in the least amount of time.1. INVEST SOME MONEYIf you have a 14.4 kilobits-per-second modem, spring for a 28.8 kbps model. All other things being equal, the switch will halve the time it takes to download large files from the Internet or from online services such as Prodigy.Just remember that if you're on an online service, you might have to change the number your modem dials so that you connect to a 28.8 kbps modem at the other end.


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[/b]t. to 65th St.If you can't get out to cheer, tune in to WPIX/ Ch. 11 for live coverage beginning at 10 a.m. The race starts at 10:52.At a time when the celeb-rity industry suggests America is defined by its most glamorous and narcissistic people, documentary film maker Frederick Wiseman continues quietly and eloquently to argue otherwise.Even as he dismisses, just as quietly, the notion that he's out to make any sweeping statements at all.Wiseman's new film, the 30th in a 33-year career that began with the acclaimed "Titicut Follies" in 1967, is called "Belfast, Maine," and it looks at ordinary things and ordinary people in that small coastal New England town.The four-hour effort premieres this Friday to kick off a Wiseman retrospective for the Lincoln Center Film Society - and then will air Feb. 4 at 9 p.m. on WNET/Ch. 13.In keeping with Wiseman's style over three decades, the strength of "Belfast, Maine" comes not from any startling revelations or astounding characters, but from the sum of its parts.Wiseman's camera follows people to their jobs, to their schools, to the corner luncheonette. Once there, and this is one of the perks that a film ma
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[/b]nies that offer Web surfers music at no charge - and with no profit for the artists. Some musicians, however, see the new Net technology as aiding, rather than hurting, their business. Aging rocker Roger McGuinn of The Byrds said Web sites run by Napster and MP3.com have helped turn a new generation on to his music and increased his album sales 15% to 20%. "I get E-mail from young people under 20 all the time," McGuinn said, adding that Internet publicity "has increased people coming to my concerts." Napster CEO Hank Barry told Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), who has composed several CDs of Christian music, that the program could increase his album sales. "I'm willing to to, I'll tell you that," Hatch joked. Hatch has a Web site, hatchmusic.com, where cybersurfers can listen to selected cuts from his CDs. But Hatch may be chagrined to learn that none of his hymns was among the 750,000 songs being traded among Napster users yesterday. Several dozen Metallica songs were being offered for swap, however. Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Vt.) spent most of the hearing logged on to a laptop computer and was surprised by the length of time it
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[/b]en.For this indiscretion, Becker was fined a hefty $20,000 by the International Tennis Federation. But the ITF is sending a different message at Wimbledon, increasing drug tests for players. This year, 100 players will be tested here, including everyone from the quarterfinals on. A final note on this: at the Germany-Netherlands Davis Cup tie, Paul Haarhuis hinted Becker owned some artificial bulk himself. Haarhuis was not fined. And soon maybe we'll find out who takes what. Four weddings and a scandal: The Hugh Grant incident is so big over here it knocked the Page 3 girl right out of yesterday's Sun.FUHGEDDABOUD Buckingham Palace - the Boardwalk, mate. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is bringing the land of Spike Lee movies, Jay-Z videos and Coney Island to foggy London town in an effort to draw the U.K. to BK. Funded by the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, the week-long trip will include stops in London and York, where Markowitz will sip tea with Lord Mayor Janet Hopton. "Tourism is one of Brooklyn's biggest and most vital growth sectors, and I'll do whatever it takes to show the world the beauty of our borough - even if it means leaving," s


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[/b]l acusador. estamos todos sabemos que este caso no es sostenible , el post citó a su fuente diciendo que el portavoz de tuesday.a de la oficina del fiscal de distrito en nueva york no quiso confirmar que la fiscalía va a retirar los cargos, diciendo que todavía estaban investigando el twistin case.new otra vuelta de tuerca a una saga que ha cautivado a gran parte del mundo, el acusador demandó al diario new york post y cinco de sus periodistas el martes para la presentación de informes era una prostitute.she presentó una demanda en un tribunal en el bronx, acusando a la nota de la edición artículos de falsas y difamatorias entre 02 d
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[/b]2 en el season.the gana una seal de cambio en el impulso de washington, que tenía sólo dos temporadas ganadoras en la última década bajo el mando de seis entrenadores antes de este ao. no pudimos conseguir ningún impulso, sino que colgado allí y fueron capaces de hacer algunas obras de teatro, pieles rojas de primer ao de entrenador en jefe mike shanahan, que ganaron dos super bowls, mientras que en denver, dijo que la última actuación de su equipo. a menos que tengas un montón de carácter en su equipo, por lo general se no ganar partidos como ese, demasiados errores, especialmente al comienzo. miró los redskins superados y
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[/b]981. caps 36. 3.back goles en el equipo después de una ausencia de 18 meses, que fue titular en el line-up de costa de marfil en los últimos finales de la copa del mundo en alemania hace cuatro aos. ha tocado club de fútbol en suiza, francia y spain.emerse fae (niza, francia). el mediocampista. nacido 24 de enero 1984. caps 40. 2.a ganador objetivos del mundo sub-17 campeonatos en trinidad y tobago con francia en 2001, fae se benefició de un cambio en las reglas de la fifa, lo que le permitió cambiar su estatus internacional. nacido en nantes, fae llegó a través del sistema del club francés de la juventud de renombre para debutar en 200
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[/b]wants to finish playing, he'll probably be an excellent manager," said bench coach Jerry Manuel, who managed Alomar Jr. in Chicago. "He knows the game extremely well and helped our young pitchers. We had Jon Garland, Mark Buehrle coming through. He was instrumental in their development. He's one of my favorites."ROUND TRIPPER: Reliever Steve Schmoll, obtained from the Dodgers with Duaner Sanchez, cleared waivers after being removed from the 40-man roster and should return to camp as a nonroster invitee.The weather was hot. And so were the Mets. But it wasn't until the 14th inning that Alberto Castillo socked a bases-loaded single that ended the longest opening game in National League history, with the Mets defeating the Philadelphia Phillies, 1-0. The sellout crowd at Shea Stadium was treated to a scorching pitchers' duel and brilliant defense by Mets third baseman Edgardo Alfonzo. Despite the goose eggs on the scoreboard for four hours and 35 minutes, die-hard Mets fans like Felicia Fleming, 42, of West Islip, L.I., called the sunny beginning "a good omen." When the mercury soared to 84 degrees in Central Park by 1 p.m., it broke the record of 75
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[/b]id the campus ministry was meeting with stunned students and providing counseling. "It's unfortunate that these young people tried to keep things secret," Farber said.THE NAVY CANVAS BAG dumped on Michael Santiago's front stoop in Queens seemed unremarkable at first. Then it moved. "I opened the bag and there was a face," Santiago said. "It was a baby boy." The child, only hours old, had been wrapped in a white towel, placed atop a blue striped pillow and abandoned in front of the Ridgewood home by a woman yesterday morning, witnesses said. A short, heavyset Hispanic woman in a green shirt and denim shorts was captured on tape holding the dark bag as she purchased a 25-cent pastry at nearby Rigo & Sons convenience store, the store owner said. And a neighbor, 18-year-old Michael Fernandez, saw a woman fitting the same description leave the bag on the Dekalb Ave. stoop after 10 a.m. He said the woman then crossed the street, spoke briefly with another woman and headed north toward Linden Hill Cemetery. "She just placed a bag on the stoop. I thought she was dropping off some clothes," Fernandez said. "When I found out it was a baby, I was upset. How c
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[/b]d," he said. "It was crazy. A lot of people ran inside here for cover." Merchants at the mall were divided on how the shooting would affect business. "Everybody's nervous about it," said a sales clerk at Lane Bryant, who declined to give her name. The manager of Sack of Gold, a jewelry store, said he was worried "people who hear the news are not going to want to come down here." Nato Giordano, general manager of Gage & Tollner restaurant, said he realized that it was an "isolated incident."CAROLYN NAPOLETANO, currently a police administrative assistant at the NYPD's Midtown North precinct, may have redefined "motherly love." Her only son, Eric, is a "sexually sadistic serial killer," according to the FBI.But throughout investigations, trials and convictions, Carolyn has remained Eric's champion. Her unyielding devotion to Eric, as told in a new book by former Daily News reporter Richard Pienciak, "Mama's Boy: The True Story of a Serial Killer and His Mother," led to nearly a dozen criminal charges against her. In 1991, she stood accused of conspiracy, lying to police, tampering with evidence and tampering with a witness in a murder investigation.

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[/b]four friends plotted revengea scheme brought to fruition years later when two of them ran into one of the guards in a Manhattan bar. The two, who had since joined a criminal gang, killed the guard, Carcaterra says. A third member of the group became a Manhattan assistant district attorney and finagled his way into the case, then threw it when his buddies came to trial.Carcaterra himself talked a priest into committing perjury at the trial to give the two killers an alibi. Carcaterra sought revenge on another guard, who had since become a cop, by gathering evidence that did him in with police Internal Affairs investigators. "Sleepers" is at the top of the fall nonfiction list of Ballantine Books. Its scheduled publication date is July 17. Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson, whose movies include "Rain Man" and "Diner," paid $2.1 million to make the book into a film and has reportedly lined up Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt and Jason Patric to play key roles. Details of Carcaterra's story were impossible to verify because, as noted in the book, virtually all the names and dates have been changed. In addition, many key figures have died and records hav
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[/b]ficit. Several stadium projects in other cities have been criticized as taxpayer boondoggles over the past 10 years, but the source says Giuliani made efforts to limit the city's risk. Among them:The city would levy no new taxes to pay for the ballparks. It would float the tax-exempt bonds , and each team would pay off interest costs of $25 million a year under a PILOT, or payment in lieu of taxes, program. The city would pay another $25 million in interest for each ballpark. The city would own the stadiums, but would not pay any construction costs for the first six years after bonds are issued.The 35-year lease for the Yankees would have no escape clauses, and the Mets deal is thought to be similar. Most modern stadium deals are for 20 years or less.The teams would pay operating costs, including maintenance. In the case of Yankee Stadium, the city would be guaranteed portions of gate receipts and other revenue for the 48,000- to 50,000-seat stadium with its estimated 70 luxury suites.The stadiums' retractable roofs would allow the city to hold other sporting events, concerts and conventions year-round and claim all receipts from those events.The
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[/b]k failing third-, fifth- and seventh-graders, while offering them extra help with summer and weekend classes. The result: Citywide reading and math scores in the early grades went up more last year than in any other year since testing began. Bloomberg also added 150 new, smaller high schools and cracked down on violence in the toughest schools. FERRER: Has lambasted Bloomberg for the 46% of high schoolers who don't graduate on time, arguing that graduation rates - not test scores - are the best way to measure the school system. He has proposed reforms aimed at producing an additional 50,000 graduates over four years; pledged to enroll 100,000 more children in after-school programs, and would dedicate $850 million a year to expand early childhood education programs and special education. AFFORDABLE HOUSING BLOOMBERG: Unveiled $3 billion plan in 2003 to build 65,000 units of affordable housing over five years, a push hailed as the most ambitious in 20 years. So far, about 17,000 of the planned units are done, with another 9,000 in the pipeline. He rezoned Manhattan's West Side and Brooklyn's Williamsburg-Greenpoint area, requiring developers to ad

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