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Nov. 29
7:07 am (because you got married on 777)


8:55PM Friday 11/28


11:38pm Friday 11/28


11/28. 4:20 p.m. Duh!

Will be thinking of all three of you this weekend. Safe journey into the world little ScheckLeo!


Nov 27

I don't buy it. If this girl has any Leo in her, she won't do things the way she's supposed to. When she realizes all the fuss being made, she'll be like "Just get it over with already" and come on out. She'll cry, open her eyes, and then start a blog.


No bets for me (you know I'm not the gambling type:-), but sending all best wishes. I'll be thinking of you guys and sending love!


7:47. She'll do things quickly, like her mom.
Then she'll be ready to take off!


that's 7:47 a.m.

Susan Brady

I'm going with the 28th at 4:47 pm - same time my daughter was born, and we know she's a keeper!

Don P.

Friday - 4:32 pm. I wish it could be sooner but that's the best I can do. Remember breathe and breathe. You do it too Jen. Much love.


12:42 pm Fri. Take care + enjoy the holidays!


3:57 p.m. Friday. We'll be thinking of you!


4:20am Friday.


Hot Post! I am turned on does that make me a sicko? Hey you brought up the massage!!! Good luck to you! Babies are awesome!!!! I am going to say lunch time! Whee.


Hmmm, I think the mystery named girl will show up at 10.40am. Easy Breezy! XOXO


I'm going to say 9:16 PM on 11/28. Molly was born 12/28/07 at that time. We've had some cool synergies in the past, so maybe our girls will be born exactly 11 months apart, too! Lots of love to all of you!


You really plan to Twitter the birth?
Lemme go on record as saying that if you actually do, I'm going to ask my wife why she puked on me during the birth of our first.

Oh, and 8:44am Friday.


5:01pm Thursday


Scottie and I are thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way!

jen Leo

thx friends! I'm giving updates at http://Twitter.com/jenleo

No sign up required.

Talk to you on the other side.


Bali Blog

Waiting for the baby to come just making my head swinging...

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This is cool.

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