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Jen Leo

It's easier to view the pics if you hit the details link in Flickr rather than thumbnails. Then you can see them all at once without having to hit the back button.


Congrats, Jen! So happy you got the house. I'll see you in a few weeks.

Oh, and you can also click the "slideshow" button to see the pics in a nifty, well, slideshow.



Jen Leo

Thanks everybody! I wonder why my Flickr doesn't have a slideshow button....I'll keep looking for it.


Hi Jen
Congratulations. Hope there is an invite for me to visit!

Jen Leo

Of course Lubna! Anytime mid-August on.....


I get dibs on the kids house! Wow. When you said fixer - I had a whole different visual. It's really, really nice. You're going to love it.

Jen Leo

Well Amy - I think there is a happy medium between your thinking and mine. It will look a lot better with just new paint and floors. But we're picky and this is no designer house. Still, it'll be awesome to live by the beach. And there will be plenty of optional sleeping area for guests. Come on out - mid August or later. :-)

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