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Greets Peter


thanks for the link - didn't see you leave last night....we'll take care of your old man. xo


Time always seems to find a way to run out. Next time, maybe dinner should be involved.

Mr Subliminal

I caught a glimpse of you sitting at a far table while I was playing the tournament and then you disappeared. Thanks for remembering me. As for poker, I have made tremendous strides and even played crazy pineapple, omaha and stud hi lo for the first time in the mixed games. Alas, I'm still homeless.


I was there! heh. Sorry I missed you.

Mean Gene

I did SEE you, but I guess I was frantically donking it up with the other whackjobs. Too bad John wasn't the beneficiary of my comic tournament screwups on Saturday.

Instant Tragedy

You rock!

Thanks for signing Chakko's guitar and having such a wonderful smile. With 120 people it is hard to spent any meaningful time with all of us and I wish that I could have sat down and had that drink with you, but alas we will do it again another day.



F-Train has a hot girlfriend? I think he's been cheating on me.

Sorry I didn't get to meet you.

I did get to sit next to your hubby and got an up close look at the playing card bounty. I wanted those playing cards, but alas, I fell to The Rooster.


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