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Hi Jen, keep up the good work! My bro and I did about four days of the master cleanse (which is basically the lemon-juice portion of what you're doing) last summer. It helped to have someone to do it with - maybe there's an online support group? ;) We were allowed to drink tea, too. Can you have tea? Helps for variety. I have to say, I was almost disappointed when I woke up on day four and we were planning to end that day (because of family reunion, travel, etc.) - it was the first day I woke up NOT hungry! It was actually strange to go back to regular food. That one you're supposed to do for 10 days... Maybe someday I'll try the full regimen! Anyway, GOOD LUCK!

Jen Leo

Amy - hi!
Thanks for chiming in. I haven't woken up hungry but today I woke up with an extra bad taste in my mouth.

I would consider this my day 4. Headed into the second day of juice....

I have to keep going. Because if I do all this and don't lose more than 2 pounds, I'll be annoyed.

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