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Hey! That is so funny you are wrestling with this. I gave up and kept my name. We decided that if we have kids, then I will change it....probably. At least are kids will be Hennis'. I don't know ! Good luck with that Mrs. Calwell/Leo or how about just Jenn?

Jen Leo

Hey Jess, thanks for chiming in. I guess you did keep your name. That's what I see in your email. I'm definitely changing mine, and the kids will absolutely be Caldwell. But since I don't have an official job with a name plate on a door, it kind of puts everything up in the air.

I think the biggest transformation will come, namewise and otherwise, when we settle down into a town we can call home. As soon as we have an address we're proud of, the details will fall into place.

Lubna (Dusty on BNA boards)

Hi Jen and John

Congratulations and best wishes. Sorry, am a bit late with my wishes, I was away from cyberspace. Jen you look gorgeous. I so absoultely love your grandfather, he looks adorable and cute - just like grandfathers should. Lovely family photograph.

Some of my friends add their new name to their existing one. For instance, Vijaya Iyer Das (with Das being the husband's surname).

Best wishes,


Don't lose sleep about this one!
It's one of those things that just kind of settles into place..
And the where to use Leo.. and where to use Caldwell just becomes a given.
But know, you'll always be Leo to me! I don't think you could break me of the habit.


The idea is that your kids will look at you one day and say "Mom, why does the funny man keep calling you Leo?"

Jen Leo


Jen Leo

Thanks! You better keep calling me Leo!


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