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BJ Nemeth

Whenever I had stress about a big exam in college, I would collect myself and remember what was really important in life. I'm not even talking about things like friends and family -- I would start my list at the bare necessities:

1. Air
2. Warmth
3. Water
4. Food

Judging things from that perspective, how I do on an Economics final ranks down in the 1,000s.

Your wedding will be fine, because you already have the basics.

Bride? Check.
Groom? Check.
Officiant? Check.

All you need is a witness and a place to stand, and you'll have a wedding. The most important thing is that you and John love each other. Everything else is details, and most of them will work themselves out.

Jen Leo

BJ! Nice to see your name in the comments, and wonderful to hear from you. I like that *you're* giving me the positivity speech. Thanks and I hope you're well.

Poker Shrink

I say just make one small change and you are golden. How does 7-7-8 sound?

Michele Lewis

I married my husband in Vegas then went home to plan another wedding in five weeks. I was stressed beyond belief.
This summer I will celebrate my 10th anniversary. I look back and what I remember most is looking in my husbands eyes, my closest friends & family, how tasty the cake was & leaving.

As for 777. Sounds to me like someone decided to write something nasty because they had difficulty writing about something positive. 777 sounds perfect.

You're a woman and your wedding day is a rite of passage no matter how much some deny it. And then...you move on to the next passage...whatever that may be. That being said...I completely stressed about my wedding. Good luck and enjoy the process.


Good Luck!!


If you need a house in vegas for anything you guys can use ours (we don't know where it is or what it looks like yet)....xoxo hang in - love is all you need.

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