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Hi Jen!

Thank you so much for featuring me at Typepad! I had a lot of lovely emails from new readers thanks to your review of Beauty Dish. I was blown away by the kind things you wrote.

To answer your question, Avon does not pay me at all! I wish they did! In fact, in nearly three years of blogging and sharing my Avon Lady experiences and sales advice, I have yet to be recognized by Avon in any way, shape, or form. I think that they are a bit afraid of me because I do write honest (to a fault - ha!) reviews and tell it like it is. The only revenue I derive from my blog is the teeny tiny bit I earn from displaying those Google adsense ads.

As long as people enjoy my little adventures, I'll keep writing! I have found through blogging that I enjoy writing as much as anything else I've found in this life, so in some way Avon has given me a greater gift than any hill of coins.

Jen Leo

Thanks for stopping by, Birdie! They're fools not to give you extra coin and promote Beauty Dish on Avon.com. Or, to have you as a speaker at different training sessions - another way to make more megabucks.

It's great to hear that you love writing. I didn't put it in the review, but my favorite thing I saw was your Polar Bear swim. Good work, and keep it up!

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