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Dusty (Blogname)

Hi Jen
Love the new design of the blog. I am sure it will soon go viral (as in not the influenza, but the hits). BTW and I guess this is the best place to catch u, earlier if I clicked on Mrs B, who left a remark, I landed on her blog (this is the route I always traversed - sorry Mrs B, it is easier to remember this blogs' name, I can bookmark favourites on my office lap top), now I land on Mrs B's email id. 8-(
Else this site NOW ROCKS!!!

Jen Leo

Dusty, you might've been clicking on Mrs B's comment?

It's right here at http://www.jenleoLIVE.com

For now, this is where to reach me, and you can also try by email. I'm excited about the year you're having!

mrs b

Dusty - I assume you are looking for my food blog: www.eatingsuburbia.blogspot.com - also have www.worldisakitchen.com

Email is kaliforniakali@yahoo.com


Myheritage thinks Matthew Perry could be my brother.

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