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My own Web site, the High Weirdness Project, has also been collecting reports of psychic predictions for 2007. If you or your friends come across one that we haven't mentioned yet, please let us know! Thank you very much.


Matt D

Hey, I'm going to be all over that Art Bell show tonight. Coast to Coast rules.

Nagga Psychic

As a supposed psychic there have been some revelations I'd like to share with the public. Yes, I've gotten some wrong. Plenty. However, I've gotten quite a few right too. I've been making predictions since 2002. But never went public until I got a blog around 2005.

...I've got some world/national predictions I can come back and post later. Everybody seems to want to know about Celebrities so I've done those first.

These date back to 2005--

1. James Brown dies by 2006. Records re-issued as hits.

2. Halle Berry will marry/date a white man

3.Chicago Bears to go to/win Superbowl in 2006 (okay they went the next year).

4. Dave Chappelle retires

5. Predicted the Snipers would be black (I had no blogsite back in 2003...This was more of a private prediction I made to friends.


CELEBRITIES (from Feb. 2005...everything in bold happened)
1.Michael Jackson does not go to prison
2.Halle Berry marries/dates a white man
3.Rapper Nelly involved in more controversy and his rap group, St. Lunatics breaks up.
4.Jennifer Lopez loses lots of weight, dangerously so.
5.Kobe Bryant in trouble again
6.Oprah Winfrey stars in movie, maybe sci-fi based off Octavia Butler book
7.Comedian Eddie Griffin makes movie with fight scene on train, water
8.Rap mogul Russell Simmons suffers stroke (maybe right side of face)
9.BET will be boycotted
10.Chicago Bears go to Super Bowl for 2006 (well they went but in 2007)
11.Bill Cosby chokes on food (thin crust pizza perhaps)
12.Arsenio Hall in AIDS scare
13.Afeni Shakur writes another book
14.Roy Jones Jr. diagnosed with glandular/thyroid issue (big reason he's been losing fights).
15.Political rap makes a comeback, Public Enemy figures.
16.St. Louis Lambert Airport forced to close due to emergency (local story)
17. Johnny Carson will die of health reasons (predicted in Sep. 2004)
18. Fantasia Barrino will announce she's pregnant or adopting a child.
19. Independent/chain music stores closing.
20. Suge Knight--Dramatically, turns life around or is killed.
21. Ice Cube--AIDS crisis.
22.Paula Abdul--Starts managing talent.
23.Nelson Mandela--Dies by 2006.
24. James Brown--Dies by 2006. Records re-issued as hits.
25. Will Smith--Involved in big incident that elevates him to HERO status in the eyes of the public. Some type of life-saving happening. Maybe 2006-2007. He divorces Jada.
26. Denzel Washington--Plays Christ-like figure in controversial movie/play.
27. P.Diddy--Mental breakdown brought on by exhaustion/stress.
28. Tavis Smiley--Brouhaha sends him packing. Career gets stuck.
29.Tyra Banks--Her status takes a dive, maybe due to marriage/motherhood.
30. Condoleeza Rice--Basically runs the next war.

Paula Abdul (management success)
Maya Angelou (dies)
Tyra Banks (career fizzles/takes back seat to motherhood)
Angela Bassett (sick)
Bill Bellamy (dies)
Billy Blanks (accident)
Lisa Bonet (married)
Brandy (sick/dies/accident)
Bobby Brown (killed)
Tisha Campbell (pregnant)
Irene Cara (makes big comeback)
Lisa Nicole Carson (makes comeback)
Cedric The Entertainer (shot)
Dave Chappelle (Retires)
Don Cheadle (politics)
Morris Chestnut (sick)
Kim Coles (arrested/legal trouble)
Mark Curry (health problems)


You are stupid and racist for the so-called "predictions" that you have only made on black entertainers. You are a hater and a loser!


You are the only true NAGGA.


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