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Hugh Hollowell

I feel like a father, watching his daughter go off to the prom.

I am soooo proud.

Anything I can do, let me know.

mrs b

I am loving this idea. I had visions of owning the corner coffee shop a few years back, primarily as an outlet for my baking habit! I think you would have fun.


I would say add an area for acoustic music performances and offer to sell local band cds on consignment. You'll get so much free promo from this from the bands and people will love to come and check out the bands. Win-win - you end up with new customers in your store.

As for the cafe part, if you're ever in Florida again, let me know. My roommate is the regional cafe trainer for Borders, so it's her job to train people on coffee drinks and cafe operations. I'm sure she'd love to give you some pointers and such.

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