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susan Brady

I'm jealous. I want to learn how to make crema from a professional. Thick, creamy, luscious - this is the deciding factor on where I get my coffee. Here in the Bay Area, that means Peet's - the best around when it comes to a cappucino. Maybe you can practice one morning on my machine? I'll make you a delicious WW-approved brekky to go with it!

Jen Leo

Susan! Hi.
I've learned how to make the milk extra hot for you (if you have a thermometer), but I haven't mastered a cappuccino yet. I will say, that I did a pretty good latte yesterday. Come on, learn to drink straight espresso!

As for the crema, it isn't really thick. This is what they call the tiny foam layer on top of the espresso. It's easier to do if you're putting it into a little porcelain cup, and even easier if you're making two shots instead of one.

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