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HiJen. Glad you are having a nice time. All the best for the Jockstrap book trip.


Hey Jen, I'll see you at the conference! Save some chat time for me.


Ocean's 13 crew had a chunk of the airport terminal at McCarren screwed up when I left on Monday. Good plan, that.


Howdy on all y'all! I've been around political forums off and on since 9/11. I'm looking for a place I can pop into briefly a time or two a day and engage in discourse and banter with those who will. I bring my southern charm and manners (harrumph!) everywhere I go, but I can stop on a dime and go street on ya in a New York minute if warranted. Ha!

I get called a liberal a lot (makes me nutz)...presumably by folks who haven't read my blog entries or forum posts on gun laws, hate crime legislation, the 17th Amendment, Civil War history...I could go on. I myself claim the label Social Libertarian. My positions are generally grounded in the context of individual rights and responsibilities in all matters. Sometimes those positions line up with prevailing liberal thought, others line up with prevailing conservative thought.

A quick perusal of this forum tells me it's a place worth giving a try. Lookin' forward to posting...

Cherz Chion,
chimney sweep Seattle WA


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