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i still say Tony G gave him the PokerNews super-user account info....

laugh [space] tears

So, why do they call you ‘Schecky’? Big congrats, I'll shout you a pint at Naja's.

coach handbags

I always think that we have more knowledge,but less judgment; we have more medicines,but less health, why?

Poker Maniac

Great site here. Many websites like this cover subjects that can’t be found in magazines and newspapers.

Free Poker Bonus

Thanks for the mention! Student tips is a great topic, especially for this time of year.

No deposit poker

Thanks everyone! We appreciate the feedback!


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Molly Nolan

I just came to know of it yesterday morning. Bookmarked this and also stumbled upon it. Thanks a lot man.

Sam Wrigth

You had some nice ideas in the article. I enjoyed reading it.

Tony Jones

I really enjoy to be here. Your have great insight.

Alison Hendelman

Only an open-minded person could write this kind of content.

Terese Wolcott

I agree with your points and I really enjoyed this John Caldwell wins Poker News Cup article a lot. Great article!

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