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Doctor John

I know that there's a natural ingredient on the red wine that really burns out fat, but i hope some readers might not misunderstood, that just because there was a post like this over the internet, they have to down bottles of red wine per day so they can lose weight. there's a very big! big difference on that!

-Doctor John


Hi I came across your site and think you are hilarious. I absolutely love the way you write. You should write a book and I'm serious...
Keep up the good work!

How to lose weight fast

Very true Doctor John. However, drinking a glass of red wine on occasion can help with your overall health, as well as your weight. But yes, I agree, there's a huge difference between that and getting drunk every night on red wine.



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I agree, there's a huge difference between that and getting drunk every night on red wine.

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A quick note to the people who post false compliments in garbled English... get a real job and stop polluting blogs!

A note to the actual blogger: very nice article, and thanks for the info!

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